About Us

When tznius women want fashionable, modest clothing Coats & Co provides the ultimate fix. We have a a shop in Stamford Hill, London but Coat’s owner, Riki, has a goal to to make beautiful tznius clothing more accessible.


It's so frustrating not being able to purchase many of the beautiful clothes you see in shops or department stores so we spend alot of time tracking down quality, flattering clothing suitable for the frum woman. In store and online you will find elegant tailoring for those really special occasions and shabbos, and more casual and sporty lines for weekday and working women and girls. In addition there is a wonderful selection of accessories to complete your look.


We also have a line for curvier women and the Coats sales team is hand picked and trained by Riki to help and advise you. If it doesn’t suit you or fit you well, then you are advised against purchasing it.


We offer a selection of modest shells & tops for ladies and girls and a large range of a-line skirts in lots of fabrics and colours which are very popular with teens.

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